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Proper maintenance of a vehicle, used in the conduct of business, is a mission critical issue for most companies. To maximize the effectiveness of sales, service and delivery operations,  vehicles need to stay on the road with minimum down time. That's why it's our mission to  provide information that allows for a complete understanding of vehicle maintenance.  A properly maintained vehicle saves your company money and provides your drivers peace-of-mind when using their company car.

The MINHS Company Care program is designed to keep managing your fleet vehicle  services as easy as possible. Our point-of-sale system keeps track of your entire fleet  by offering consolidated invoices and statements. Here's how it works:
  • Delivery Ticket
A delivery ticket is completed by the service center at the time of each purchase. It  contains all the information your company needs for easy billing and fleet management:  vehicle ID, PO number, customer signature, and other information. When your driver  picks up their vehicle, a copy of the services rendered is also provided.
  • Computerized Invoice
Twice weekly, an accurate summation of your transactions is mailed to your  headquarters or other desired locations. It includes complete information of the items purchased, such as date, price and product descriptions.
  • Customer Statement
Customer statements accurately recap all purchases made every month. They show  each invoice billing date, invoice number, customer reference number, invoice due date, invoice opening balance, ending balance and cash discount.
  • Easy Payment
Each month, you'll make only one payment to one supplier. It's as easy as that.
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