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BMW M235i Dinan Power Package

DINAN N55 P2 Power Package

The Dinantronics stage 3 software brings the BMW N55 motors to new levels. The torque is tweaked to even higher levels at 417 ft. lb. and 395 peak hp. We are installing the P2 power package on this M235i. This also fits other applications such as the F30 335i and F32 435i.   DINANtronics Stage […]

BMW E60 N54 Electric Water Pump Replacement

BMW N52 N54 Electric Water Pump Repair

Gone are the days of a engine belt driven water pump on late model BMW’s. The BMW engines inline 6 cylinder N51 N52 N54 N55 are equipped with electric water pump. This allows the DME to fully control and modulate the coolant flow through the engine without dependency on RPM. This electric design allows for […]

E46 M3 Exhaust Hub Broken

BMW S54 Vanos Problems and Repairs

The E46 M3 beauty is truly timeless and arguably the best BMW M3 ever made. The S54 high revving engine redlines at 8,000 rpm producing 343hp without the aid of forced induction. Although the S54 is a well engineered engine, it does have some flaws and Vanos is top of the list. There are several […]

Porsche Panamera Diagnostic

Porsche Intermediate Maintenance

The Intermediate Maintenance required message will be illuminated on the display  when the service is due. This will generally happen at different times during the vehicle’s lifetime. This service is due based on mileage or time dependent. If the mileage for maintenance has not been reached, the service must be performed every 2, 6, 10 years the latest. This ensures your Panamera […]

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