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MINHS Auto Care prides itself on being able to provide the best customer service and the highest quality service work available anywhere.

MINHS Auto Care Code Of Ethics

  • No service or repairs will be recommended or performed that are not needed. (Do not confuse "repairs that are not needed" with preventive maintenance or vehicle enhancement services.) All service and repair work must be recommended based on System Failure, Preventive Maintenance or Vehicle Enhancement only.
  • No service shall be attempted in which personnel are not fully qualified. No service shall be performed by an uncertified or unlicensed technician where such regulations exist.
  • Customers are to be provided with a written repair estimate. (Estimate requirements vary by State.) The total amount of the estimate is not to be exceeded without prior customer approval.
  • No service will be performed without prior customer approval. All additional repair authorizations are to be completely documented on the work order before the work begins.
  • Customers are to be provided a complete invoice that clearly and completely defines all work performed. All parts replaced must be identified as new, rebuilt, remanufactured or used.
  • No services shall be performed without signed work order documentation.
  • No billing shall be rendered for any service not performed.
  • Every effort must be made to meet appointment schedules and promised completion times.
  • The customer is to be provided with printouts for any service that utilizes equipment that produces a printout. Copies of these printouts must be attached to the store copy of the invoice and stored with that day's paperwork.
  • All service work performed must meet industry standards.
  • Uphold the highest standard of professionalism, competence, and integrity.

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