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Dinan BMW Tuning

Dinan engineers the best handing and best performing BMW’s on the market. Dinan performance tuning makes BMW faster and better while maintaining that luxury car feel. Dinan Engineering and BMW North America provides BMW owners with matching new car warranty coverage, ensuring your Dinan performance-tuned BMW is covered for up to 4 years or 50,000 miles.

Performance Products

Dinan offers a broad range of BMW performance products from engine, driveline and chassis tuning components which enhances the fun driving and excitement of your BMW. The result is a BMW limbered up for track work but still livable on a city’s imperfect surfaces. These fully re-tuned products maximizes power and performance while keeping all the BMW factory safeguards in place. Protecting your BMW while giving the most performance is the definition of “Performance Without Sacrifice”. As a authorized Dinan Dealer, MINHS Automotive can enhance your BMW to your specific needs.

dinan suspension 

dinan brakes

Chassis Dynamics

  • Limit body roll with anti-roll sway bars
  • Increase responsiveness with precision ball joints
  • Improve rigitity with shock tower braces

Braking Force & Wheels

  • Maximum stopping power
  • 4-Piston Aluminum Calipers
  • Light and solid wheels for reduction of understeer
dinan high air flow 

dinan engine tuning

High Air Flow Intake & Exhaust

  • High flow throttle bodies
  • Intercooler provides 93% increase in total volume
  • Increase power output with free flow exhaust



Engine Management Software

  • The top speed governor can be removed, enabling the BMW to achieve its full potential.
  • Increase engine horsepower and torque.


The Dinan Difference


Software Benefits

Dinan Performance Software is so much more than just cranking up your turbo boost. Dinan’s engineering team, with their years of experience, fully re-tunes the engine management program to maximize power while keeping all the BMW factory safeguards in place.

+ Substantial Power Increase

+ Huge Torque Gains Drastically Improves Acceleration

+ No Hesitation Between Shifts

+ Top Speed Governor Removed, you decided how fast you want to go

+ Factory Matching Warranty Coverage (4year/50,000 mi), no sleepless nights or being scared to go to the BMW dealer

+ Full Map Rescaling, for drivability from idle to wide open throttle and everywhere in between

+ Properly Returned Fuel Mixtures, to save you gas and protect your engine

+ Water Pump Speed Increased, to improve cooling

+ Retain All BMW Factory Engine Damage Safeguards

DINAN Demo Car

Come down and experience the DINAN difference. Our demo vehicle is a 2014 F30 335i M Sport equipped with Dinantronics Stage 1, Dinan Exhaust & Dinan Shockware.

Dinantronics In-Depth Description


BMW M4 with Dinantronics


For extended product information, please visit dinancars.com

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