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Volkswagen Maintenance

Volkswagen car lineup

One of your Volkswagen's greatest attributes is its reputation for reliability, but that's not to say you shouldn't take care to keep it that way. Regular maintenance and care, along with regular servicing at MINHS Automotive, will assist in maintaining your vehicles performance, and hold your vehicles value for future years to come.

Volkswagen V6 engine

VW mechanical service and repairs is carried out by Volkswagen trained professionals with extended experience in VW vehicles. Your car is looked at from all angles and is maintained to the highest standards possible. MINHS is in the position to service VW vehicles while they are on the manufacturers warranty without any questions of the voiding the warranty.

VW Diagnostic

Nobody is better qualified to care for the body and soul of your Volkswagen than MINHS Automotive. Our service center in Brooklyn is equipped with factory Volkswagen technical training, factory specialist tooling, factory diagnostic equipment and uses Volkswagen genuine parts. You can trust that your VW is in the best hands. So keep your VW in perfect health by visiting MINHS Automotive.

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Porsche Panamera Diagnostic

Porsche Intermediate Maintenance

The Intermediate Maintenance required message will be illuminated on the display  when the service is due. This will generally happen at different times during the vehicle’s lifetime. This service is due based on mileage or time dependent. If the mileage for maintenance has not been reached, the service must be performed every 2, 6, 10 years the latest. This ensures your Panamera […]

Volvo XC90 Day

Volvo XC90 Common Repairs

The Volvo XC90 P2 platform is one the more popular SUV that can be found all over the Brooklyn area due to their reliability and safety features. These systems include Roll Over Stability, Dynamic Stability Control and Side Impact Protection System to name a few. Proper maintenance and routine auto repairs are necessary for the […]

BMW E63 650i Front 2

BMW Transmission Service & Fluid Change

BMW transmissions are susceptible to wear and failures. Proper maintenance ahead of time can avoid more costly repairs. We have a BMW 650i with a transmission failsafe message and exhibiting symptoms such as car doesn’t go into gear, gear disengages and shifts into neutral while driving and rough downshift. The transmission will enter a failsafe […]

Porsche Cayenne S Type 9PA

Porsche Cayenne S Power Steering Pump Repair

This Porsche Cayenne S is exhibiting stiff steering with limited assist. There are no power steering fluid leaks and we’ve found metal debris floating in the fluid which would suggest an internal failure of the power steering pump. We’ll be flushing out all of the metal debris from the power steering system and replenishing the […]

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