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Audi Repair & Service in Brooklyn | MINHS Automotive

Maintaining Audi vehicles is both our privilege and pleasure. Quality of service in Audi maintenance comes from years of knowledge and experience. Our Audi repair shop is here to offer you our full attention and expertise. We are the Audi dealer alternative for the Brooklyn NYC area. Quality workmanship and specialization in Audi's are some of the reasons to use our services and it's all at a price you can afford. We are your go-to shop for the highest quality Audi service in Brooklyn.


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Our Technicians

Our Audi technicians have gone through rigorous training to the latest Audi automotive technology.
Nobody is better qualified to care for the body and soul of your Audi than MINHS Automotive. Our service center in Brooklyn is equipped with factory technical training, dealer specialist tooling, dealer diagnostic equipment and uses Audi genuine parts. You can trust that your Audi is in the best hands so keep your Audi in perfect health by visiting our shop. We provide accommodations to Manhattan and Queens customers commuting to us.


Audi Diagnostics Service in Brooklyn | MINHS Automotive


Proper diagnostic of your vehicle begins by utilizing Audi’s factory diagnostic tools.
Utilizing Audi’s factory diagnostic equipment gives us the same advantage as the dealership. We can perform all maintenance and services on Audi vehicle’s to the factory standards. Accurate fault-tracing and efficient time savings results in reduced down time for your car.

Audi Performance Tuning

We offer high performance upgrades for Audi vehicles to improve the driving dynamics and engine performance of your car. For more info, click APR Performance.


Brooklyn Audi Repair Shop | MINHS Automotive

Benefits Of Our Services

Whether you use your Audi to pick up your kids after school or to go on long road trips, we will prioritize your needs everytime your car is brought in for service so that you can focus on the more important things in life. Driving and owning an Audi should be a luxury. We will protect the investment you put into your car by offering 3 years – 36,000 miles warranty on our services. This offers you the level of protection you need to navigate the road ahead with peace of mind.


Audi Routine Repair in Brooklyn | MINHS Automotive

Routine Repairs

Our shop performs all factory-scheduled maintenance as well as repairs due to normal wear and tear.

There’s no better place to have your car serviced than at MINHS Automotive. We pride ourselves on ensuring that you – and your Audi – receive the very highest level of care and attention. Having your Audi serviced by us means that you can count on the expertise of qualified Audi technicians to maintain your vehicles performance and hold your vehicles value for future years to come.

We perform all routine maintenance to major repairs on Audi’s from the point the car leaves the showroom to the point it is passed down to later generations. Our services will be performed by qualified Audi technicians who understand your car intimately. As part of our duty of care we will perform a complimentary health check with each service to make sure nothing is overlooked.


Audi Scheduled Maintenance in Brooklyn | MINHS Automotive

Audi Scheduled Maintenance

Regular servicing is key to safeguarding your Audi’s performance and a full service history could also enhance the future re-sale value of your Audi. We follow Audi of America scheduled maintenance when servicing your Audi. You will be advised if any scheduled maintenance service is due such as dust filter, brake fluid change, etc. which are all important for maintaining your Audi’s performance, efficiency and safety. Rest assure you have qualified Audi technicians working on your car.



Your Audi will require regular scheduled maintenance throughout its life to keep it in great condition. To help keep your Audi in peak performance we suggest to follow Audi of America service intervals. Read on to find out more about the key areas where maintenance on your Audi is most important.

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