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Back coming here for about a year - my car is getting up there in years and miles. I've been very pleased with the guys at Minh's. They've been honest, they get my budget constraints, and they are helping me keep my old VW running. I don't know a on about cars, but I know enough to tell when a mechanic is BSing me. These guys are straightshooters.


My car likes to crap out at least once a year and this time it decided to not start in the middle of Brooklyn. Not being from anywhere in Brooklyn I was a little wary about my chances of finding a good auto-body service center. I was pleasantly surprised when I found MINHS off of yelp and gave them a call. I have a Jetta 2001 and based on what I was telling these guys about what was wrong with my car, they were able to guess within one year of my car's actual DOB, which indicated to me they knew something about cars, especially VW (checking their website I found they are certified to work on VW's). The guys at MINHS were amazingly nice, know their stuff!, spoke English, clearly explained to me what was going on with my car and quickly fixed my car. They recommended a great towing service that cost me only $65 bucks..They even vacuumed out my car before giving it back to me! My car ended up costing it's usual $1,000 yearly check up (the brakes and rotators were rusted done) but I still recommend this place.


Why Minh's is great... 1) Everyone there is really nice which I was not expecting. 2) The price was great I knew what the issue with my car was and had prices quoted in Atlanta before I moved here. In Atlanta, the dealer told me $800 and another mechanic there told me $400. Minh's charged $425 which I thought was fair. 3) I called after I had dropped the car off and asked them to change the oil since it was there and needed to be done and they did it for free! FREE! 4) They washed it AND vacuumed the interior. Washing is on thing, but I've never had a mechanic take care of the interior Overall, it was just a great experience.


I found this place via the site. I didn't know if it would be busy so I got there well before the 8am opening on a Monday. The mechanic asked me to fill out the important info about my Jetta and write down what I wanted. I went in for an oil change, NY inspection, and a brake check as a mechanic elsewhere had told me that my brakes were worn and needed replacing. By noon, I received a phone call at work that everything was ready. When I arrived after work, I spoke with Tam. He said that they had replaced a broken tail light, didn't try to get me to buy additional services, and was very straightforward and professional. I was charged a fair price to boot. Everyone there courteous, the place is well lit and very clean, and I would take my car there again. I only gave it four stars because it was routine maintenance. However, I'm sure I would have given them five if there was some real mechanic matter to resolve. I'll go back there for my oil changes and any maintenance I may need. A good mechanic is hard to find. Keep him when you do and treat him well.

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