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Safety Tips

Car maintenance and service is an important part of vehicle ownership. If you take care of your car, you are taking care of one of your most important investments. The following articles contain information to help you keep your car running safely and smoothly and prepare for emergencies.

  • Be Prepared for Roadside Emergencies
  • What to do in case of a breakdown

Be Prepared for Roadside Emergencies

One of the most common roadside emergencies is a flat tire. Fix-A-Flat tire sealant can provide a great temporary solution so that you can drive your car to a safe place where you can wait for help or change your tire. If you carry a spare and don't mind replacing the tire yourself, have a good jack and the proper lug wrench on hand. Remember, any time you have to pull over, find the safest place away from the road. Often the shoulder doesn't offer enough stability or protection from speeding traffic.
If you do end up stranded, make yourself visible to oncoming traffic. In many cases, your car's hazard lights don't offer you enough visibility. Road flares and reflective triangles are essential to any emergency kit.

What to do in case of a breakdown

Following are some safety tips on what to do if your car breaks down:

  • If your car breaks down on a busy highway, try to get it as far away from traffic as possible. If there is an emergency lane, pull into it. If there is a safe grassy area next to the lane, pull into it.
  • If you experience a flat and there's no safe place to pull over, drive on the rim until you get to a safe area. It's worth sacrificing a rim if you can save your life!
  • Always carry warning devices, such as flares and triangles, with you. Place these a good distance from the vehicle, which is often further away than you might think. Although hazard lights are effective, drivers sometimes confuse them with running lights and steer onto the emergency lane.
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