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Winterizing Your Car – Mandatory, Not Optional

Winterizing Your Car – Mandatory, Not Optional

Winterizing your car, so it can handle the strain of severe weather that Winter brings, should not be viewed as optional, but rather mandatory.

Especially here in the Northeast.

Severe winter weather, brings a unique set of challenges for your vehicle that aren’t the case other times of the year. And these issues need attending to in order to have your car properly handle the road conditions of winter.

Winterize your BMW

  • Emergency breakdowns
  • failed batteries
  • exacerbated brake problems
  • tires not gripping slick roads
  • thickened oil preventing car from starting
  • increased risk of windows cracking
  • moisture forming in the gas lines and possibly freezing
  • car is running but you can’t clear your wind-shield sufficiently because windshield washer fluid is freezing

These are some of the things severe winter weather puts your car at risk for.

Don’t let your car not function as the best version of itself at best, and flat out fail you on the road at worst this Winter.

It’s easy to see the winterizing of your car as a bit of an inconvenience, especially due to holidays being a busy time for most people.

Schedule a 6 point check with us this Winter so that your car’s battery, brakes, antifreeze, tires, oil, and wiper blades are ready for whatever Winter has to throw at them.

Remember, an ounce of prevention equals a pound of cure.

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