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Audi 7 Speed Dual Clutch Gearbox Repair

Audi S7 and S4

Audi Mechatronic Repair Kit

Audi Mechatronic Repair Kit

Audi DSG Limp Mode Message

Audi 0B5 Mechatronic Valve Body

In the event of a malfunction, serious damage can be prevented and mobility preserved by means of “limp home” programs initiated by the transmission control module. In addition, there are also protective functions, which protect certain components against overload.

The transmission is controlled by a newly developed Mechatronic system. It enables precision control of gear engagement speed and force when changing gears. This means that regardless of the driving situation, rapid gear shifts are also smooth.

The Mechatronic system acts as the central transmission control module. It combines the electro-hydraulic control module (actuators), the electronic control module, and some of the sensors into a single unit.

ATF oil is subject to a fixed replacement interval (refer to maintenance).

PCB Circuit board malfunction.

The gearbox is controlled by a recently developed mechatronic system. Its control concept allows precision control of gear engagement speed and force when changing gear. Thus, depending on the driving situation, it is possible to achieve rapid gearshifting without compromising on comfort, e.g. while coasting.


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