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Audi VW Piston Ring Failure 2.0 TFSI

Audi Piston Ring Failure

The piston rings, on the 2.0 and 1.8 TFSI engines pre-dating 2012 (majority of the reports being from the 2.0), let little oil seep through to the cylinders. Once there, they result in high oil consumption due to burning.

As the driver, this issue will come to your attention by way of the ‘add one litre of oil’ notification.

If and when this does happen, we recommend that you add a litre of the right grade oil as soon as possible, though you don’t need to stop the vehicle as soon as you see it.

If left unattended, this problem will exacerbate. Thick smoke from acceleration, damage to the cylinders, etc.

To get out ahead of the problem as an owner of a 2008–2012 2.0 or 1.8 TFSI engine, we suggest that you fill your oil to maximum capacity and then proceed to reset the odometer.

The way you will know whether or not you’re affected by this problem will be the ‘add one litre of oil’ notification after having driven your Audi less than 1,200 miles.

So what’s the solution?

There are several, but one thing that isn’t an option is doing nothing. Because doing so would mean your engine incurring damage and in the long-term, failing.

If you follow our instructions and determine that your 2008–2012 Audi 2.0 or 1.8 TFSI engine is in fact a victim of this problem, we highly recommend that you schedule your appointment with us so that we may fix the issue before it’s too late and long-term damage is done to your prized possession.

At MINHS, we have almost three decades worth of experience specializing in Audis and fixing problems just like this piston ring failure.

We will thoroughly inspect the problem and one of our dedicated Service Advisors will hold your hand throughout the process, speaking to you in terms you will clearly understand and not overwhelm you with ‘car jargon’. Which means when we recommend the scope of work, you will understand clearly the what’s and the why’s of it.

Whether it’s determined that the proper course of action is…

* replacing the crank case and updating the engine management software

* removing the engine from the car, stripping it down to the cylinders and replacing the pistons, piston rings and con rods

* new or high quality used engine will grasp why, thanks to unparalleled customer service and communication we pride ourselves in being one of the backbones of our shop.

Audi Piston Ring Failure



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