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BMW Transmission Service & Fluid Change

BMW transmissions are susceptible to wear and failures. Proper maintenance ahead of time can avoid more costly repairs. We have a BMW 650i with a transmission failsafe message and exhibiting symptoms such as car doesn't go into gear, gear disengages and shifts into neutral while driving and rough downshift. The transmission will enter a failsafe mode, also known as limp-home mode, when the EGS module senses a fault or missing input for proper operation. This can be caused by mechanical wear such as worn clutches, communication problems, low fluid and more. After retrieving the fault codes from the EGS module, we'll remove the transmission pan to inspect for wear.

BMW E63 650i Front 2

Mechatronics Sealing Sleeve Failure

This E63 6 series is equipped with a 6HP ZF transmission. Upon inspection we've found a worn mechatronic seal on the valve body causing low fluid pressure which will prevent the transmission gears to engage and triggering fault code such as 507D Parking lock put out, Defective incorrect disengage. We'll be replacing the transmission seals, pan with filter and fluid to correct this issue.

BMW ZF Mechatronic Valve Body

Transmission Service Interval

We recommend having the transmission fluid and filter changed every 60,000 miles. In addition, we service the mechatronic sealing sleeve and plug adaptor at the same time as these components will begin to leak or fail around the 65,000 miles mark. It's important to use BMW transmission fluid and parts from the manufacturer. ZF Lifeguard is engineered specifically for BMW transmissions. The fluid is by the means by which all components in the transmission operates successfully mechatronic function, clutch actuation, cooling ability and lubrication. Incorrect fluid can cause transmission slippage, harsh shifting, noise, lock-up clutch cycling and reduced service life.

ZF 6HP Transmission Filter & Oil

BMW ZF Transmission Pan

The overall health of the transmission relies on transmission fluid and filter. The transmission fluid provides lubrication to reduce wear on the internal moving parts and keep it from overheating. Worn AT fluid will lead to poor transmission performance, poor shift quality, premature wear of internal components. Contact MINHS Automotive for all your auto repair needs on your BMW.

BMW E63 650i White

BMW E63 650i Side


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