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Important! Maintenance Notes To Know As a Mercedes Owner

Mercedes Benz

Do you want to keep your Mercedes Benz in peak driving condition for as long as possible? Unless you don’t like protecting your investments, the answer is an obvious and emphatic YES.

Your Mercedes comes with an owners manual which suggests/recommends a specified maintenance interval you must adhere to in order to provide your investment with the proper care it needs to be the best possible driving machine it can for as long as possible.

However, you must take several factors into consideration before you follow this recommendation from the manual to the tee.

You may own the same Mercedes as the next driver, with the exact same amount mileage, but your circumstances are not necessarily as identical as these surface-level facts might imply. Therefore, the maintenance intervals between you and the other owner could very well be very different.

The specified maintenance interval takes only the normal operation of the vehicle into account. Under arduous operating conditions or increased load on the vehicle, maintenance work must be carried out more frequently, for example:

  • regular city driving with frequent intermediate stops
  • if the vehicle is primarily used to travel short distances
  • use in mountainous terrain or on poor road surfaces
  • if the engine is often left idling for long periods

Under these or similar conditions, have, for example, the air filter, engine oil and oil filter replaced or changed more frequently. Under arduous operating conditions, the tires must be checked more often.

Now that you know various factors must be accounted for in determining the proper maintenance intervals specific to your Mercedes Benz make it a habit to bring your car into MINHS Automotive regularly and have our experienced mechanics specializing in Mercedes Benz maintenance to inspect and recommend when it’s the right time for your vehicle.

We’re here to provide our 25 years of expertise and specialization servicing Mercedes Benz for all your auto service needs.

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