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Mercedes 722.6 Transmission Problems & Repair

The Mercedes-Benz 5G-Tronic aka 722.6 is an electronically shifted 5-speed transmission. The 722.6 transmissions are equipped in a broad range of Mercedes Benz cars on the road. We've performed repairs on Mercedes transmissions for many years and have gathered that the majority of their failure are electronic components malfunctions. These transmissions are fully adaptive control system that performs its functions based on real time sensor and switch feedback information.


Common Failures

The Electronic Conductor Plate – This is mounted on the valve body and can fail from fluid contamination or by forming cracks. When the speed sensors fail, DTC faults will be stored in the TCM. Certain ECP malfunctions will cause the transmission to enter limp mode. The replacement of the conductor plate requires removal of the transmission oil pan and valve body.

Electrical Plug – The transmission adaptor plugs directly into the transmission and is sealed by two O rings. The rubber O rings becomes brittle and cracks over time. When neglected the transmission fluid leaks onto the external wiring harness and making its way into the transmission control module which becomes a much more expensive repair if the TCM gets damaged.

Shifter Assembly – The electric shifter commonly fails from drink beverage spilling into the assembly. When the internal shifter electronics erode over time the shifter tend to be stuck in park position. The whole shifter would have to be replaced when damaged.


Transmission Servicing

MINHS Automotive has been performing service, repairs and maintenance on Mercedes transmissions for decades from our Brooklyn NYC location. Most of the failures can be prevented by performing regular maintenance on the transmission. Mercedes recommends to have to have the transmission fluid and filter changed every 40,000 miles. The other prone gaskets and O rings are replaced at the same time. The 722.6 transmission is equipped on vehicles such as W209 CLK350, W211 E350, W220 S500, W463 G500 and more.

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