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Volvo XC90 Common Repairs

The Volvo XC90 P2 platform is one the more popular SUV that can be found all over the Brooklyn area due to their reliability and safety features. These systems include Roll Over Stability, Dynamic Stability Control and Side Impact Protection System to name a few. Proper maintenance and routine auto repairs are necessary for the longevity of these vehicles. MINHS Automotive have the advance tooling and training with many years of combined experience to service all Volvo platforms models from S40, S60, S80 to V50, V70, XC60 and XC70.

Volvo XC90 Day

Common XC90 Electronic Failures & Services

Brake Control Module (BCM)

BCM is Volvo's anti-lock braking system which prevents the wheels from locking up and avoid skidding in certain road conditions such as rain or snow. When the BCM malfunctions the driver may experience the ABS engaging randomly, applying braking to the wheels, reducing the vehicle's ability to accelerate. When the BCM fails completely there will be no traction control available.

Volvo XC90 Brake Control Module (BCM)

Volvo Instrument Cluster (DIM)

The instrument clusters displays the speedometer, engine revolutions, temperature, fuel, etc. A failing DIM may have symptoms such as odometer stopped working, gauges working sporadically or cutting out and losing all display.

Volvo XC90 Instrument Cluster Replacement (DIM)

Central Electronics Module (CEM)

The CEM is a central fuse box that powers the major onboard electronics in the car. A failing CEM tend to get hot and shuts down which will cut off power to the majority of the car. The car will then not start until a new CEM module is replaced with the latest software downloaded into the CEM. Some models with clogged water drains will allow water to overflow onto the CEM and fail from corrosion over time.

Volvo XC90 Central Electronics Module (CEM)/p>

Advance Fault Tracing

With so many interconnecting onboard computers on Volvo vehicles, they can only be properly diagnosed and serviced with the original Volvo diagnostic equipment. Volvo software are downloaded into the vehicle live from the Volvo server. As a certified Volvo auto repair shop, we offer all services provided by the dealer.

Volvo VIDA Programming

Haldex Traction All Wheel Drive Service

Volvo AWD vehicles are equipped with Haldex AWD which is a proactive system that activates AWD driving before a wheel slip occurs and can distribute torque to any wheel allowing the driver to have traction at all times. The clutches in the Active On Demand Coupler wear over time just like a standard clutch pack in a manual transmission so the gear oil should be replenished every 50,000 miles as a suggested guideline to keep the Haldex system well lubricated. We use only genuine Volvo Active On Coupler AOC/Haldex fluid for this service.


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