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5 Important Tips We've Published For BMW Owners


For the past few years, as an auto repair shop in Brooklyn specializing in European cars, we’ve leveraged our 25 years of experience to publish a lot of helpful content for owners of European cars looking to keep their car in prime condition.

In this article we will circle back to important advice we’ve published for BMW owners in particular. So below, we’ve rounded up 5 important nuggets of advice -- served in bite sized pieces -- we have shared along the way (in no particular order), with links to the original post.

1. Failing Water Pump Warning Signs

Water Pump

Has your BMW passed 50,000 miles or has it been 50,000 miles since the last time you replaced your electric water pump?

Is your BMW's yellow engine temperature light turning red?

If your answer is yes to either/both, we highly recommend that you bring your BMW in for preventive maintenance purposes so that you can avoid inevitable costly repairs ignoring these would burden you with.

To learn more, click here to read our original post on BMW N52 N54 ELECTRIC WATER PUMP REPAIR.

2. The BMW S54Vanos Failure


One shortcoming, for this otherwise amazingly engineered engine -- afflicting BMW Z3 Z4 M models equipped with S54, B32 engines -- is that they tend to have a number of Zanos failures.

Read about these problems in detail in our article here discussing this issue and how we recommend this be attended to during your BMW Inspection II Service.

3. What is Walnut Blasting?


This procedure is designed to remove carbon deposits which accumulate over time from blow-by gases, carbonized fuel, and oil on the intake valves and intake ports of the cylinder head.

And it's done by blasting pressurized, crushed walnut shells onto the intake valves and in the cylinder on direct injection engines.

Read and learn all about this procedure as it relates to a BMW in our article here.

4. Why BMW xDrive Malfunctions


BMW xDrive is a full-time all-wheel drive system with the transfer case being the core component. Read our article here as a case study on what a malfunctioning xDrive can look like and what we do to fix it.

5. What Could a Flickering BMW Navigation Screen Mean?


Read this article to see how this could be a symptom of your BMW's iDrive system failing.


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