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The Porsche Cayenne Break-In Period

The Porsche Cayenne Break-In Period

A great investment requires great care. By purchasing a Porsche Cayenne, you’ve made a substantial investment in acquiring an iconic, high-performance, head-turning machine, and you must be vigilant in your efforts to protect your investment. But as an owner of a Porsche, the concept of maintenance can feel intimidating, and you may think it’s something to be left for repair and maintenance shops specializing in Porsche, like us at MINHS Automotive. But that’s only partially true. While the expertise & services we as a shop provide are invaluable for maintaining and repairing your Porsche, that does not mean you as the owner do not have an active role in increasing your car’s lifespan and keeping any potential problems at bay. The first step towards keeping your Porsche Cayenne in peak driving condition is breaking it in properly. Below ar ... read more


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