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The Porsche Cayenne Break-In Period

Porsche Cayenne

A great investment requires great care.

By purchasing a Porsche Cayenne, you’ve made a substantial investment in acquiring an iconic, high-performance, head-turning machine, and you must be vigilant in your efforts to protect your investment.

But as an owner of a Porsche, the concept of maintenance can feel intimidating, and you may think it’s something to be left for repair and maintenance shops specializing in Porsche, like us at MINHS Automotive.

But that’s only partially true.

While the expertise & services we as a shop provide are invaluable for maintaining and repairing your Porsche, that does not mean you as the owner do not have an active role in increasing your car’s lifespan and keeping any potential problems at bay.

The first step towards keeping your Porsche Cayenne in peak driving condition is breaking it in properly.

Below are tips & considerations for how to properly break-in your Porsche Cayenne, which will contribute to and set you on the path to properly maintaining your investment.

The Break-In Period - first 2,000 miles

The moving parts have to wear in with each other and this wearing-in occurs mainly in the first 2,000 miles. This means you should:

A) Preferably take longer trips

B) Avoid…

  • Frequent cold starts with short-distance driving whenever possible.
  • Full throttle starts and abrupt stops.

C) Do not…

  • Exceed maximum engine speed of 4,200 rpm
  • Run a cold engine at high rpm either in Neutral or in gear
  • Let the engine labor, especially when driving uphill. Shift to the next lower gear in time.

D) Never lug the engine in high gear at low speeds. This rule applies at all times, not just during the break-in period.

NOTE: There may be a slight stiffness in the steering, gear-shifting or other controls during the break-in period which will gradually disappear.

Breaking in brake pads & brake discs for the Porsche Cayenne

New brake pads and discs achieve optimal friction when the car has covered several hundred miles. To compensate for the initial reduced breaking ability, press the brake pedal harder for these first several hundred miles. And note that this applies anytime brake pads and brake discs are replaced.

New Tires

New tires tend to be slippery, as they lack maximum traction right away. Therefore break them in by driving moderate speeds during the first 60 to 120 miles (100 to 200 km). Longer braking distances must be anticipated.

Engine oil and fuel consumption

During this break-in period, oil and fuel consumption may be higher than normal.

NOTE: As always, the rate of oil consumption depends on the quality and viscosity of oil, the speed at which the engine is operated, the climate and road conditions, as well as the amount of dilution and oxidation of the lubricant.

Now that you know what it takes to properly break in your Porsche Cayenne, you know how to get off to a good start with this iconic machine.

And with us being the other half of the maintenance & repair equation, we’re here to provide our 25 years of expertise and specialization servicing Porsche for all your auto service needs. Having your Porsche serviced regularly is a critical second half of the equation.

We are located at 578 3rd Avenue in Park Slope neighborhood of Brooklyn. Give us a call and let us exceed your expectations.


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