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BMW xDrive Malfunction

BMW xDrive Malfunction

The 4x4 warning light, ABS and traction control deactivated indicators came on all at once for this E83 BMW X3. This customer has also been getting drivetrain vibrations and juddering on acceleration. MINHS Automotive is well versed in repairs on BMW drivetrain and will be evaluating the xDrive system. What is BMW xDrive? BMW xDrive is a full-time all-wheel drive system with the transfer case being the core component. The transfer case works by directing power from the transmission to both the front and rear differentials. xDrive can make a trip on snowy roads an easier time on you and your car. We’ve determined that the transfer case assembly has failed internally due to a failed chain and has a stored fault code 5F3A Transfer Case Malfunction. A complete case replacement is in order which comes with a new actuator motor. Transfer Case Maintenance We recommend performing the transfer case oil change every 60,000 miles ... read more


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