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MINHS Automotive is a full service European auto repair shop in Brooklyn NY. Our mission is to provide customers’ with the highest standard of service, professionalism, and personalized customer care.
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Mercedes Benz E350

What Is Mercedes Service ‘A’

Your Mercedes-Benz comes equipped with the Flexible Service System (FSS). The FSS tracks distance driven and the time elapsed since your last service.  You will be prompted on your dashboard with message “Service A” or “Service B” when service is due. What could affect the time and mileage allotted between FSS intervals? The following is used […]

MINI Cooper S R53

Mysterious Coolant Leak Mini Cooper S

The owner of this R53 Mini cooper attempted to find the coolant leak on his car after having to repeatedly top-off the coolant and replacing the thermostat and gasket. We’ve identified the leak to be coming from the water pump weep hole. This W11 engine is equipped with a supercharger where the water pump is […]

BMW N63 Cold Air Intake

Dinan N63 Power Package

We have a BMW F02 750 here with a twin turbo V8 N63 motor in for performance upgrades. The DINAN P1 Power Package is not your every day upgrade. Dinan pumps up this BMW to 507HP & 583 TQ. 1) Stage 4 Software – 109 HP 96 TQ gains giving this N63 motor a total output of […]

BMW N54 Engine

BMW N54 Walnut Blasting

What is Walnut Blasting? Short clip from our YouTube channel of a BMW Wagon E61 535 on which we performed a walnut blasting service recently. Walnut blasting is the process of blasting pressurized, crushed walnut shells onto the intake valves and in the cylinder on direct injection engines. This procedure is designed to remove carbon deposits which […]

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