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MINHS Automotive is a full service European auto repair shop in Brooklyn NY. Our mission is to provide customers’ with the highest standard of service, professionalism, and personalized customer care.
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Winter Snow Tires NYC

Winter & All-Season Tires

Now that we are in the middle of another cold, bitter winter in New York City, prudent drivers are thinking about the safety of their vehicle and whether their tires are up to the challenges of driving in frigid conditions. A big question on many drivers’ minds is whether all season tires or winter tires […]

Porshe repair specialist NYC

Porsche Repair Specialist NYC

We are proud of not only our superior customer service and quality, but our ability offer the best competitive rates in comparison to the Manhattan Porsche Dealership. We perform all scheduled maintenance by time or mileage, following all Porsche repair procedures and is the dealer alternative for Brooklyn, Queens and Manhattan. We pride ourselves in […]

Mercedes 722.6 Conductor Plate

Mercedes 722.6 Transmission Problems & Repair

The Mercedes-Benz 5G-Tronic aka 722.6 is an electronically shifted 5-speed transmission. The 722.6 transmissions are equipped in a broad range of Mercedes Benz cars on the road. We’ve performed repairs on Mercedes transmissions for many years and have gathered that the majority of their failure are electronic components malfunctions. These transmissions are fully adaptive control […]

Audi FSI Walnut Blasting

Audi FSI Carbon Cleaning

Carbon build up on Audi engines such as 2.0 TSI/FSI, 3.0 TFSI, 3.2L V6 FSI and 4.2L V8 FSI are inevitable. The by-products of the engine combustion process contains carbon deposits that looks like soot, is constantly being recirculated through the engine. Overtime these carbon deposits will build up on the intake valves. When this […]

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